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Entomopteryx Guenée

Type species: amputata Guenée.

Synonym: Callerinnys Warren (type species combusta Warren (Himalaya to Java); replacement name for Erinnys Warren) syn. n.

The male antennae are prismatic: the hind tibia encloses a hair pencil. The facies is somewhat atypical of the Lithinini, dull yellow, speckled and marked with reddish brown. The hindwing has a strong medial fascia that runs through the discal dot; this dot is not enlarged on the underside relative to that of the forewing. The forewings are relatively narrow in the male, the dorsum gently convex; the hindwings in the type species are pubescent below and broadly excavate over the tornal section of the margin. There is strong sexual dimorphism, the females having both wings much more extensively reddish brown.

In the male abdomen there is a setal comb on sternite 3. There are tufts of hair-like scales on sternites 7 and 8. The uncus is long, slender, lacking socii; the gnathus is spined dorsally at its apex. The valve costa is strong, distally angled as in typical lithinines. The transtilla is expanded as discussed in Holloway (1987). There is a weak furca, sometimes with cristae. The valves have weak basal coremata. The aedeagus vesica has a reversed cluster of slender spines centrally in both Bornean species, though this is reduced to a patch of scobination in combusta. In the female genitalia the ductus is elongate or funnel-like, expanding into the bursa, mostly sclerotised and finely fluted. The bursa has a reticulate roughening as in Sundascelia, immaculate in the type species but with two slender, conical, scobinate signa centrally in combusta, another feature atypical of the Lithinini.

However, the biology of the type species is typically lithinine (See Entomopteryx amputata Guenée).

The genus is restricted to the Oriental tropics and does not occur east of Sundaland. The taxon clathraria Warren (Holloway, 1976) is misplaced here (See Fritillerinnys Gen.n.).

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