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Tympanota Warren

Type species: erecta Warren.

Synonym: Megaloba Warren (type species rubripicta Warren, New Guinea).

This genus was revived from synonymy with Sauris and redefined by Dugdale (1980). It was regarded as a distinct subgenus of Sauris by Prout (1932c), along with Dystypoptila. Together with Sauris and Episteira Warren, males of Tympanota have the anal zone of the hindwing modified into a complex lobe that is folded up over the basal part of the wing. In Tympanota this is large with a distal extension and an unfluted dorsal margin that bears vertical ridges, the principal diagnostic feature recognised by Dugdale (1980). Fasciation of the forewings is usually much stronger, darker and of more even intensity than in Sauris or Episteira.

In the male genitalia the valves are simple, the uncus simple, acute, tapering, without socii. Many species have a pair of large coremata between the eighth segment and the genitalia. In the female there is a prominent appendix bursae as in most members of the other two genera, arising from the neck of the bursa, with the ductus seminalis arising basal to it as in Episteira but not as in Sauris where it arises opposite. The corpus bursae in all three genera tends to be scobinate throughout.

The genus ranges from Sundaland to New Guinea and Australia, with a species from Samoa noted by Dugdale (1980). There are four species in Borneo, but the greatest richness of species is found in New Guinea.

The only host record is from the southern conifer genus Podocarpus (Dugdale, 1980).

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