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Phthonoloba Warren

Type species: olivacea Warren =fasciata Moore, India.

Synonyms: Steirophora Warren (type species punctatissima Warren, Sulawesi); Synneurodes Warren (type species brevipalpis Warren, Flores).

This genus consists of species with the forewings fasciated rufous, brown and black much as in the green species of Hypocometa. Apart from this colour difference, there are diagnostic features of the male and female genitalia. In addition, the corema from the male second sternite is about twice as long as in Hypocometa. Males of all except the most widespread group have a hind-tibial hair pencil, an unusual feature within the Larentiinae.

The most striking feature is the acute, sclerotised, tapering nature of the female ovipositor lobes. Spining is usually restricted to the neck of the bursa, and the bulb can be quite small. Males have a broad base to the uncus, a bifid, often robust saccular process to the valve and absence of any costal ornamentation. The aedeagus apex is often more strongly sclerotised, spined or otherwise modified.

The genus extends from N. India to New Guinea, with one group extending over this whole range, a second restricted to Sundaland, and one, those species sharing a bifid uncus and umbonate juxta, endemic to Borneo, with two of the three species only known from G. Kinabalu.

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