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Hypocometa Warren

Type species: clauda Warren.

This genus consists of species with green, transversely fasciated forewings, often strikingly patterned, but with paler transverse elements as well as darker ones unlike the previous genus. General morphological features are similar to those in the previous genus and the next, and the genus is defined principally on genitalic features.

The males have a complex set of processes at the apex of the valve costa, though these are absent in the fourth section of the genus recognised by Holloway (1976), intermediate in the third and well developed in the second, the typical section. All sections have a spine-like process arising from the apex of the sacculus, somewhat bifid in the fourth section, resembling the next genus. Interior to this, the valve lamina is pleated, the pleats curved or angled round the process, another feature shared with the next genus.

In the female genitalia the ovipositor lobes are rounded and the bursa, or at least its narrower basal section, coarsely spined or scobinate. In the fourth section the bursa is not much broader than the short ductus.

The typical section of the genus ranges from the Himalaya to New Guinea, the third section consists of two species from New Guinea and one from Luzon, and the fourth contains a pair of species endemic to Borneo. The first section recognised by Holloway (1976) is separated as the previous genus.

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