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Traminda Saalmüller

Type species: atroviridata Saalmüller = obversata Walker, South Africa and Madagascar.

Synonym: Gnamptoloma Warren (type species aventiaria Guenée) syn. n.

The synonymy above is recommended because of the unusual form of the male genitalia common to the two type species and the even more unusual, rather ribbon-like, elongated central expansion to the tympanal ansa (Fig 5). The moths themselves are usually greenish with falcate to strongly bifalcate forewings and oblique, fasciation. The forewing discal spot is often large, dark with a pale centre, that of the hindwing very much smaller, often white with a faint dark ring. The hindwing may also be angled in the more bifalcate' species. The male antennae are narrowly bipectinate to about two- thirds. The male hind-tibia has a crest of scales between the upper pair of spurs and its base in many of the species.

In the male abdomen there are no structures on the second sternite, though the eighth is incurved and somewhat modified (bilobed at each end in obversata). The genitalia have the uncus massive, strongly sclerotised, usually with some sort of subbasal process ventrally. The vinculum is very broad, square. The valves are paddle-like, narrowed towards the base, with a series of longitudinal carinae or pleats over the interior of the lamina, radiating from near the base of the valve. There are spines or other rather strongly sclerotised processes arising from the base of the sacculus.

In the female the bursa is spindle-shaped, uniformly but lightly rugose throughout, with a moderate, but narrow ductus leading into a funnel-like ostium.

The larva of the only Bornean species is described below.

There is some concentration of host-plant records within the Leguminosae. The genus is widely distributed through the Old World tropics but more diverse in Africa, perhaps particularly associated with savannah and other vegetation where there is a marked dry season.

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