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Synegiodes Swinhoe

Type species: sanguinaria Moore, India (see Fletcher, 1979, for commentary on this versus diffusaria Moore).

In facies, species of Synegiodes resemble a number of baptine ennomine genera such as Synegia Guenée and Yashmakia Warren (see Holloway, 1993[4]), but can be distinguished by the small white-pupilled hindwing discal spot. The fasciation is oblique, broad, sometimes interrupted, grey or pinkish on yellow, orange or fawn ground colour.

In the male genitalia there are massive socii flanking the uncus, which is usually rather small, digitate (though the ensemble is more compact in the type species). The valves are very narrow, with the sacculus ending in a small flap or spur centrally on the ventral margin.

The female has the signum typical of the Timandrini but the sterigma is much more simple than in Timandra. The apodemes of the eighth segment are relatively short and broad.

The genus is restricted to the Oriental tropics and subtropics, and extends no further to the south-east than Borneo.

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