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Lophophleps Hampson Gen. rev.

Type species: purpurea Hampson.

Synonym: Strophoptila Warren (type species informis Warren), N.E. Himalaya) syn. n.

This genus is distinguished from Idaea by the wing markings where there are pale bands on a generally grey ground, modification of the male hindwing in the form of a weakly to strongly produced tornus, and features of the male genitalia. The modification of the hindwing is relatively weak in the type species, but this has an unusual fringe of long scales arising from the underside of the forewing dorsum and extending anteriorly across the wing.

The male abdomen lacks rugosity or a pouch on the second sternite but this protrudes as a blunt wedge into the third sternite, the boundary between the two being marked by two narrow lacunae with slight cross-struts, set at a distinct angle to each other (Fig 228). Such lacunae are seen elsewhere in the Geometridae but are particularly prominent in this instance.

The genitalia have coremata at the bases of the valves that are themselves basally fused centrally. The valves are usually apically broadened, with a strong dorsal spur bearing a thicker seta at its apex. The vinculum is often rather broadened, rounded, with no saccus. The tegumen is elongate though uncus and gnathus are relatively short. The aedeagus is large, basally bulbous, with several to numerous cornuti.

The female genitalia have a characteristic bursa that is large, strongly reflexed on itself, with the ductus seminalis arising at the distal end of the reflexed portion (i.e. where returned to near the ostium). The bursa is extensively spined, the spines often fine, needle-like, though a tendency towards this condition is seen in Idaea species such as carnearia Warren and protensa Butler.

As stated in the tribal introduction the type species has been reared from the fruits of Shorea in the Dipterocarpaceae.

Three species occur in Borneo. In addition, the genus includes L. informis Warren comb. n. and L. scintillans Warren comb. n. (Queensland; New Caledonia, Vanuatu; Holloway (1979) illustrated the male genitalia, typical of Lophophleps).

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