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Ignobilia Prout

Type species: urnaria Guenťe.

This is a monobasic genus, virtually restricted to Sundaland. The wings are banded and fasciated in various shades of dull vinous pinkish red, but the underside is more ochreous as in the next genus. The male antennae are bipectinate, the pectinations tapering away at three-quarters. The male hind-legs are reduced, but densely scaled, and with a tibial hair-pencil.

In the male abdomen the eighth sternite is typical, though the cerata are short. The genitalia have strong socii, and the bifid valves are asymmetric. The aedeagus vesica contains five short massive cornuti.

In the female the signum is elongated into a band, with the spines densely packed along it.

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