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Scotocyma Turner

Type species: albinotata Walker, Queensland.

Synonym: Paragramma Warren (type species mimula Warren, Bougainville I.)

This genus of medium-sized dark brown moths is patterned equally strongly on both fore- and hindwings as in Collix Guenée, Pseudocollix Warren and Ziridava Walker. The body is robust, the male antennae filiform, the forewings rather deeper than in the other genera. The forewing postmedial is obtusely angled at about its mid-point, that of the hindwing also weakly so. Distal to these angles there is often an enlarged submarginal white spot, though each species is variable and this spot is not always developed. These facies features are also seen in Eccymatoge callizona Lower (Australia, Norfolk I.), the type species of Eccymatoge Prout (see Holloway, 1977).

The male genitalia of Scotocyma are very different from those of Eccymatoge, with entire, rather than divided, valves that bear a diagnostic basal comb-like structure. The uncus is robust, sometimes broadened, the anellus is extensively spined, and the area of the juxta complex. The aedeagus vesica is globular with scobination weak only. There is a pair of coremata between the seventh and eighth abdominal segments, which are extremely shortened. There is a calcar-like structure between the valve bases that may indicate affinity to the Xanthorhoini, but may not be homologous.

The female (Fig 600) has a fluted, scobinate, broad ductus that expands to the ostium. The bursa is ovate, with corrugate and scobinate areas.

The genus is entirely Australasian apart from the record of a new species from Borneo and Sulawesi. Three other species are endemic to the Solomon Is. (possibly a further subspecies of albinotata), Fiji and New Caledonia including the Loyalty Is. The latter two species are discussed by Robinson (1975) and Holloway (1979). There are four more in north-eastern Australia. The genus was not placed to tribe by Nielsen, Edwards & Rangsi (1996).

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