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Papuarisme Gen. n.

Type species: murudensis Prout

This genus is erected for a major grouping of species currently placed in Horisme Hübner but with morphological features that are far removed from that genus (see also comments by Holloway (1979: 312) on Australian taxa with facies somewhat similar to that of Papuarisme, and on Papuarisme itself (Holloway, 1986b: 550-1)).

The general colouration is grey to black, sometimes tinged with pale green or yellow, rather than brown as in typical Horisme. The hindwings are only lightly fasciated, if at all, whereas they are fasciated as strongly as the forewings in Horisme. The forewing antemedials and postmedials are strong, with a more or less symmetrical arrangement across the medial area, the antemedial sequence of fasciae being reversed in the postmedial sequence. The postmedial sequence is angled obtusely more or less centrally. The male antennae are filiform.

The male abdomen lacks coremata though the eighth segment is slightly modified with undulating margins and a rib of sclerotisation, and the apodemes of the second tergite are enlarged, broader apically like the ears of a cartoon rabbit (Fig 595)! The genitalia are diagnostic, with the valves distally circular, fringed with a mass of fine hair scales, but with a straighter sclerotised costa that bears a central spur in Bornean species but not in those from New Guinea examined. The saccus is broad, quadrate, often centrally notched. The uncus is narrow, needle-like. The anellar structures are complex, the juxta broad, rather tonguelike, coarsely scobinate distally. The aedeagus vesica lacks cornuti in Bornean species, but they are present in some New Guinea species.

The female genitalia have a rather swollen ductus bursae in Bornean species but not notata Rothschild from New Guinea. The bursa itself is pyriform, with a large, ovate, plate-like signum bearing numerous transverse ridges of scobination (transverse in notata). The ovipositor lobes are small, rather globose.

Apart from the Bornean species discussed below, the genus has a few species in Sulawesi and the Moluccas and a large group in New Guinea as follows: P. aeolotis Prout comb. n.; P. albimedia Warren comb. n.; P. albicristata Warren comb. n.; P. brunneata Warren comb. n.; P. contaminata Warren comb. n.; P. disrupta Warren comb. n.; P. genuflexa Prout comb. n.; P. griseata Warren comb. n.; P. illustris Prout comb. n.; P. leucotmeta Prout comb. n.; P. lichenosa Warren comb. n.; P. notata Rothschild comb. n.; P. rufilunata Warren comb. n.; P. symmetrozona Prout comb. n. All are montane.

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