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Eupithystis Gen. n.

Type species: infuscata Warren.

This genus is erected to contain one robust greyish brown species with a strong discal spot as in Eupithecia or Collix but with angled postmedials more as in Chloroclystis auctorum. It was described in Chloroclystis and is currently assigned to Eupithecia in the BMNH arrangement, though it is unclear whether it has ever been formally transferred. It has genitalic characters for both sexes that indicate it to be distinct from any of the above genera. The underside is strongly marked as described in the specific diagnosis.

The male abdomen lacks octavals (the apodemes of the second tergite in both sexes are not enlarged). The genitalia have a strong uncus, and the valves are not unlike those in some Collix species. The aedeagus vesica is elongate, basally scobinate, with a longitudinal band of sclerotisation.

The female has rather square ovipositor lobes and a short, sclerotised ductus bursae. There is an elongate bursa and a prominent, tapering appendix bursae that leads to the ductus seminalis; the basal parts of both are loosely spined. The distal part of the rather narrow corpus bursae has two thin, longitudinal, transversely carinate bands of sclerotisation.

Chloroclystis leucopigata Warren (N.E. Himalaya, Peninsular Malaysia, Sulawesi) may be related to this genus. The facies is similar but not all the diagnostic features of the male genitalia are present.

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