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Chrysoclystis Warren

Type species: perornata Warren, New Guinea.

The facies of both wings is striking, consisting of pale straight antemedial and postmedial bands that are edged with iridescent golden scales and set in a rich buff ground. There is also a narrow band of iridescent gold along the distal margins of both wings. The forewing fasciae are flexed sharply basad subcostally. The male antennae are slightly serrate, strongly ciliated. The abdomen in both sexes has the apodemes of the second tergite moderately developed, though not nearly as long as in Carbia and allies.

The male genitalia have the uncus small, hooked, and the subscaphium is sclerotised. The valves are long, narrow, the labides broad, meeting centrally to give a bilobed or quadrilobed, finely setose structure. There is a prominent furca. The aedeagus is short, broad, with the vesica generally scobinate, with a rather convolute cornutus.

The female has a very broad ostium that opens directly with a rather sheath-like bursa, sclerotised and fluted over the basal two-thirds and extensively spined but more membranous in the distal part.

The genus consists of only two species with an unusually disjunct distribution (New Guinea; Sundaland).

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