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Parasthena Warren Gen. rev.

Type species: flexilinea Warren.

This genus is brought out of synonymy with Hydrelia Hübner (type species sylvata Denis & Schiffermüller, Europe) as it lacks some of the more asthenine (sensu Pierce, 1914) characters of typical Hydrelia.

It has a typically asthenine pattern, on both fore- and hindwings: fine multiple grey-brown fasciation on a pale grey-brown ground, with black discal spots. The more marginal fasciae are sharper.

However, the male genitalia lack the projecting sacculus of the valve indicated by Pierce to typify the Asthenini. The valves have long, basally directed setation as seen in many eupitheciine genera, and in Eois Hübner following. The uncus and subscaphium are also as in Eupitheciini, with moderate labides also. The saccus is narrow, prominent. The eighth sternite has a pair of apodemes on its basal margin, the tergite a single central one: the former are seen also in Poecilasthena.

The female has a signum that Pierce would have considered typically asthenine, but without the additional general spining distally in the bursa seen in typical Hydrelia and some other Palaearctic asthenines.

The genus consists of only two species.

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