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Antimimistis Turner

Type species: illaudata Turner = attenuata Moore.

The forewing facies is uniform within the genus as described for the Bornean species below. Veins M2 and M3 of the forewing share a long common stalk, whereas in other genera they are separate or at most connate. The male antennae are filiform. The apodemes of the second tergite are large, paddle-like (Fig 345).

The male genitalia of the type species have the saccus narrow, acute, the labides dagger-like and the valves finely setose. The eighth sternite has a central, asymmetrically bifid, strongly sclerotised process.

The female has a very short ductus and a large pyriform bursa, the latter containing extensive zones of coarse spining surrounding a more massive, thorn- like spine.

The genus is completed by A. subteracta Prout (N.E. Himalaya, Peninsular Malaysia) and A. cuprina Prout (Sri Lanka).

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