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Scintillithex Gen. n.

Type species: glaucisparsa Prout.

The sole species in this genus was originally assigned to Propithex Warren (type species alternata Warren, New Guinea), perhaps largely on grounds of facies similarity: the forewings have a series of clear bands of pale and dark purplish or bluish brown. This facies type is also seen in Hypenorhynchus Hampson (type species erectilinea Moore, N.E. Himalaya). However, the characteristics of the genitalia do not support this association.

The male of glaucisparsa has strongly eupitheciine labides, valve setation and reduced uncus as in many eupitheciines, whereas that of Propithex has a strong uncus, no labides, and simple, only weakly setose valves. The valves of Hypenorhynchus resemble those of Propithex, though the uncus is shorter, broader, and there are large structures, apically bilobed, that would represent labides.

The female of Scintillithex has the apodemes of the genitalia long, straight, the ductus short, expanding into an ovate bursa with a weak signum on one side: a scobinate, lightly sclerotised patch. In Hypenorhynchus the distal structures are similar but the ductus and bursa are more elongate, the signum more clearly defined, strongly sclerotised, a longitudinally lenticular plate without scobination.

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