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Onagrodes Warren

Type species: obscurata Warren, N.E. Himalaya.

This and the next genus are closely related, sharing female genitalia where the ductus is narrow, elongate, and the bursa contains a longitudinal brush of long spines. The male genitalia have the valves distinctly narrower over the distal half. The sheath of the ductus ejaculatorius is short, spoon-like. The apodemes of the second tergite are slightly enlarged, tongue-like. The eighth sternite is reduced in size, without octavals, but in Onagrodes is flask-shaped.

The distinction between the two is in the sexual modification of the males. In Onagrodes both forewings and hindwings have a tuft of elongated scales at the centre of the dorsum. The hindwing is narrowed, ovate, with an oval patch of androconial scales situated just distal to the cell between veins M1 and M3, straddling M2.

Both genera have rather strongly fasciated wings, especially in the female, the fasciae tending to run parallel to the curvature of the wing margins. The male antennae are filiform.

Onagrodes ranges from the Indian Subregion to New Guinea and Queensland.

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