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Micrulia Warren

Type species: tenuilinea Warren, Indo-Australian tropics.

Synonyms: Megatheca Warren (type species purpurea Warren = catocalaria Snellen) syn. n.; Opistheploce Warren (type species cinerea Warren, Moluccas).

This genus is best defined on genitalic characters, though there are some general features of facies such as rather evenly curved forewing fasciation, moderate to strong underside fasciation and variable modification of the male hindwing that are reasonably consistent within the genus. The apodemes of the second tergite are shown in Fig 344.

The male abdomen has the octavals rather short, adjacent or centrally convergent. The uncus is moderate, the valves simple, tapering, and the saccus is usually moderately elongated. The uncus is short, broad, with a few to many robust cornuti.

The ornamentation of the bursa in the female provides the clearest generic features: two basal, longitudinal combs of blade-like spines give way distally to a tracery of several crinkled sclerotised bands, mostly very narrow though sometimes broad.

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