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Pasiphilodes Warren Gen. rev.

Type species: lepta Meyrick = subtrita Walker.

This genus is revived for its type species, as it has genitalic features, particularly of the female, that do not accord with other groups segregated from Chloroclystis auctorum. It is a small brown species with angled fasciation much as in many of the Chloroclystis/Gymnoscelis complex. The apodemes of the second tergite are not significantly enlarged.

The male abdomen has weak, rather spatulate octavals. The genitalia are much as in Bosara Walker and allies with simple, rather ovate valves. The uncus is short, acute, without being overlapped by the tegumen. The aedeagus vesica has a rounded rugose process and a separate cluster of small spines.

The bursa of the female provides the principal diagnostic feature: two short, rather arcuate bands of fine spines that radiate out from an axis rather than all pointing in the same direction. The intensity of spining in those is greater distally. There is further spining of a similar nature basally in the bursa. The bursa is globular, the ductus rather short, broad.

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