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Calluga Moore

Type species: costalis Moore.

Synonyms: Aniserpetes Warren (type species purpureoviridis Warren, New Guinea); Sillophora Warren (type species albiviridis Warren, New Guinea = costalis).

Typically the species have a rather angular Gymnoscelis type of fasciation, but are a generally paler ground colour, white in the case of the type species.

In the male abdomen of the type species the octavals are enlarged, hollow, conical. The aedeagus is short, the subscaphium exteriorly spined, and the tegumen extended broadly to overlap the short uncus all round, a feature also seen in Bosara and Gymnoscelis.

The valves are very narrow except for a basal, quadrate but rather convolute protrusion ventrally that supports strong hair-pencils. The aedeagus is very short with many cornuti in the vesica.

The female ductus and bursa are relatively small, the latter globular and spined throughout except at the neck. Most species are found in the Australasian tropics, far fewer in the Oriental Region, but a high proportion will probably prove not to be related to the type species as they show considerable diversity of facies! The characteristics of the type species of Aniserpetes are not entirely consistent with synonymy, particularly the features of the male valves: coremata are weak and not supported by a quadrate protrusion. The octavals are weak but terminate in small, setose, conical processes that may be homologous with the much larger ones of costalis.

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