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Casuariclystis Gen. n.

Type species: latifascia Walker.

This genus is erected for a single species that does not fit readily within the definitions of genera preceding that contain segregates of other small species previously assigned to Chloroclystis. The fasciation of the wings is regular, transverse, sinuous rather than angled.

The male abdomen has rather flimsy octavals, distally rounded, where they each bear a brush of setae. The valves are much as in some Bosara, with a distal spur on the sacculus, but the tegumen is not expanded, and hair-pencils are absent.

The female has a rather short, broad ductus and a club-shaped bursa that is generally sclerotised, spined over the expanded distal part and fluted over the stem, the flutings gently spiralled. Within the stem is a single, conspicuous, basally directed spine.

The species appears to be a specialist feeder on Casuarinaceae as discussed below.

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