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Axinoptera orphnobathra Prout comb. n.
Chloroclystis orphnobathra
Prout, 1940, Gross-Schmett. Erde, 12: p.140, and 1958, Bull. Br
        Mus. nat. Hist.
(Ent.), 6: 415.

Axinoptera orphnobathra
(x 1.47)

Axinoptera orphnobathra
(x 1.47)

Diagnosis. The wings are strongly fasciated with black on a dirty brownish grey ground. The male has blackish scaling around the costal angle. The postmedials are conspicuous, that of the forewing strongly angled.

Taxonomic notes. The holotype male from Peninsular Malaysia has lost its abdomen, hence this identification could not be confirmed on genitalia characters. A similar male from Bhutan (slide 19066) had different genitalia, the ventral arms of the valves distally bilobed, cupped. Related taxa also occur in China (Guangdong, Hong Kong).

Geographical range. Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo.

Habitat preference. A male and female without altitude data were taken in the Kinabalu area by Waterstradt. Another female has been taken in dipterocarp forest at 170m near the Danum Valley Field Centre.

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