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Ardonis Moore Gen. rev.

Type species: chlorophilata Walker, Bhutan.

Synonyms: Aepylopha Turner (type species thalassia Turner, Queensland) syn. n.; Ceratorhynchus Hampson (type species deletarius Hampson = filicata Swinhoe) praeocc., syn. n.; Thamnocausta Warren (type species malachitis Warren, New Guinea) syn. n.

This genus includes a small number of species with pale sea-green forewing ground colour and black fasciae, the postmedials being characteristically dentate centrally on both wings, though the male hindwing is diagnostically modified: narrowed; loose tufts of raised scales at the dorsal angle; an acute patch of dark scales subcostally. The latter underlaps a broader, more diffuse patch on the underside of the forewing. The fasciae are also strong on the underside, but somewhat more diffuse. The male antennae are filiform, the labial palps of both sexes moderate, extending forward beyond the head approximately for the same length as the head, the second segment rather deep.

The male abdomen has only weak octavals. The genitalia have the saccus extended to support a pair of coremata, much more so in filicata than in chlorophilata. The valves have a flimsy balloon-like structure exteriorly arising centrally at about two-thirds. The aedeagus has opposing groups of spines inside the apex (see also Syncosmia Warren).

The female genitalia have a moderate ductus and an elongate, ovate bursa with two small sclerotised plates basally, and general rugosity throughout.

In addition to the species noted as type species above, the genus includes A. dentifera Warren comb. n. (New Guinea, Seram) and A. thaumasta Prout comb. n. (Java).

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