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Mnesiloba Warren

Type species: eupitheciata Walker, Queensland.

This genus was revived from synonymy with Eupithecia by Inoue (1988). The forewings have a strong discal spot. The postmedial is perpendicular to the costa over the anterior half, and strongly 'stepped' basad over the posterior half. The hindwing fasciation is very weak. The male and female genitalia are diagnostic. The male eighth sternite has well-developed octavals. However, the genitalia lack labides and the typical hour-glass shaped juxta of the eupitheciines, and the uncus is relatively strong. There is a sheath or pocket-like structure between the valve bases, and the valves themselves have a characteristic angled flap centrally. The female bursa lacks general spining but has an unusual boomerang-shaped signum. There is minor modification of the seventh segment in some species. Both sexes have the apodemes of the second tergite large, rather broadly spatulate.

Another species referable to Mnesiloba is M. cauditornata Prout comb. n. (New Guinea). The Australian Chloroclystis embolocosma Turner has similar facies and may also be referable to Mnesiloba. The two Bornean species have been treated as synonyms of the type species until now.

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