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Bytharia Walker

Type species: marginata Walker, Seram.

Synonyms: Longipalpa Pagenstecher (type species circumducta Pagenstecher, New Guinea); Silvaspica Schultze (type species balatensis Schultze = uniformis Swinhoe).

Species of Bytharia are relatively large for Sterrhinae and are characterised by pale yellow wings with uniform grey margins and, on the forewing, grey along the costa. The male antennae are narrowly bipectinate to about the mid-point, where the pectinations taper away. The hind-tibia is long and has only one distal pair of spurs, one component short, one long.

The male genitalia indicate a close relationship to the Cyclophora HŁbner group of genera discussed next, particularly the broad, ring-like tegumen and vinculum, reduced uncus, and the sclerotised bar and spur in the saccular region of the valve. There is a small setose projection in the centre of the valve costa. There are no coremata on the abdomen.

The female has no significant modification of the area surrounding the ostium, and the ductus and bursa are small, the latter spherical without modification or signum.

The genus consists of four species that range allopatrically from Sundaland to the Solomons.

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