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Chrysocraspeda tristicula Swinhoe comb. n.
Asthena tristicula Swinhoe, 1885, Proc. zool. Soc. Lond., 1885: 859.
Ptochophyle laeta Warren, 1899, Novit. zool., 6: 337.

Chrysocraspeda tristicula (x 1.33)

The wings are banded pale grey on fawn, a broad marginal band on both wings being interrupted by fawn patches centrally and, on the forewing only, apically.

Taxonomic notes. The ductus in the only Bornean female is twice as long as that of a typical Indian female and one from Luzon (slide 18415). The aedeagus is longer in the holotype of laeta from Sumbawa than in a typical Indian male, though the rather quadrate valves are similar. There may well be regional differences in the species.

Geographical range. India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Borneo, Philippines, Sumbawa (Tambora).

Habitat preference. A single female was taken by Dr Chey Vun Khen in a Eucalyptus deglupta plantation at Brumas in the lowlands of Sabah.

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