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Chrysocraspeda mitigata Walker 
Hyria mitigata
Walker, 1861, List Specimens lepid. Insects Colln Br. Mus., 22: 664.

Chrysocraspeda mitigata
(x 1.33)

Diagnosis and taxonomic note.
See the previous species. The Bornean specimen of mitigata has the hindwing yellow border broader than do the type specimens, and the yellow of the forewing marginal area is less obscured by reddish over the posterior half.

Geographical range. India, Burma (Moulmein), Borneo.

Habitat preference. The only Bornean specimen was taken at light set on a limestone outcrop amid alluvial forest at Long Pala (70m) in the G. Mulu National Park, Sarawak.

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