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Marsuplectra Gen. n.

Type species: parasina Hering

The forewings are rather square-ended with patterning similar to that of Ceratonema fusca Swinhoe (?= nigribasale Hering) but the male antennae are broadly bipectinate to the apex rather than filiform/serrate. The venation of the forewing tends towards that of the Darna group, with rather curved cubital veins and R5 arising from the cell, slightly separate from Rs. The palps are directed forwards, the third segment conspicuous, a quarter of the length of the second.

The male genitalia have a broad plate like juxta and a distinctive bifid process from the posterior of the saccus. The aedeagus vesica is globular with two groups of cornuti.

In the female genitalia the ostium bursae is enlarged into a broad, globular pouch of thickened, folded membrane from which the ductus tapers away briefly to a weak, small bursa copulatrix.

The genus contains only the type species.

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