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Bornethosea Gen. n.

Type species: nigrina sp. n.
The forewing shape is reminiscent of that of the previous two genera but vein M1 arises from the base of R5 at the cell rather than well separated from it. The bipectinations of the male antennae are basally narrower and taper away evenly towards the apex. The palps are directed forwards, appearing rectangular when viewed laterally, and with the third segment obscure; in these features they resemble those of the crescent-signum group.

The insect is shades of grey to black, the forewings with a basally diffuse, distally sharp blackish submarginal that curves gently from subapically on the costa to meet the margin just subtornally. The forelegs have the apex of the coxa white and a small white patch at the tip of the tibia, features that again may indicate association with the crescent-signum group.

The male genitalia are of unmodified ground plan type apart from a pair of unequal spines at the apex of the aedeagus.

Females are unknown.

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