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Susica Walker

Type species: pallida Walker.
Synonym: Tadema Walker (type species: sinensis Walker).

This genus was reviewed by Holloway (1982a, b), the second reference including a cladistic analysis of the subgroup to which the three Bornean species belong and to which the name Tadema applies but which excludes the type species pallida and allies.

The relationship between the two subgroups and genera such as the Papuan Hydroclada Meyrick and the African Tryphax Karsch still needs to be resolved. Hydroclada has females with a bisignate bursa and spiralled ductus but this is not evident in typical Susica, which has four apophyses to segment 8; all females of the Tadema subgroup have two apophyses as normal and lack a spiral or a signum except S. sinensis where there is a signum with two irregular and weak rows of spines that could have been derived from the bisignate condition.

The species have rather coarsely scaled, dark speckled fawn forewings, a submarginal roughly parallel to the margin and usually an oblique fascia running from near the submarginal on the costa to subbasally on the dorsum. The subgroup containing the Bornean species has a characteristic irregular subapical angle in the submarginal. This subgroup is subdivided into three on the basis mainly of genitalia characters as set out in the references cited, two sister pairs and one triplet, each of which is represented in Borneo.

The larvae of the subgroup containing the Bornean species are parallel- sided, deep, with the anterior and posterior two or three dorsolaterals larger than the intervening ones much as in many genera of the 'bisignate' group.

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