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Phocoderma Butler

Type species: velutina Kollar.
The type species is one of the largest in the Oriental tropics. The forewing facies is characteristic, with a darker submarginal curved round parallel to the margin, and the area basal to this divided by an oblique line with an angle subapically as illustrated. The fore tibia has a distal white patch as in Thosea and allies. The antennae are bipectinate over the basal two fifths. The palps are directed anteriorly, the second segment with a deep 'keel' of scales.

The male genitalia are typical of the ground plan limacodid but the aedeagus is relatively very long and is expanded apically with a slender spine directed somewhat basad from the expanded portion.

In the female the ductus is spiralled and extends perhaps three times the length of the abdomen; the part basal to the ductus seminalis is sclerotised and almost half the length of the abdomen. The bursa is bisignate.

The larva is described in the specific description.

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