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Xyleutes Hubner

Type species: strix Linnaeus,
Synonyms: Hinnaeya Moore, Strigomorphus Houlbert, both with type species strix; Chalcidica Hubner (type species mineus Cramer, Oriental); Cossimorphus Houlbert (type species edwardsi Tepper, Australia); Dictyocossus Houlbert (type species phaeocosma Turner, Australia); Duomitus Butler (type species ligneus Butler (= ceramica Walker) Oriental); Endoxyla Herrich-Schaffer (type species durvilli Herrich-Schaffer, Tonga); Melanocossus Houlbert (type species tenebrifer Walker, Australia); Melanostrigus Houlbert (type species persona le Guillou, Oriental); Psychonoctua Grote (type species personalis Grote, Cuba); Strigoides Guerin-Meneville (type species leucolophus Guerin-Meneville, New Guinea or Moluccas); Strigocossus Houlbert (type species leucopteris Houlbert, W. Africa); Xylocossus Houlbert (type species capensis Walker, S. Africa); Xyrena Herrich-Schaffer (type species casuarinae Herrich-Schaffer, Australia).

This genus currently embraces a large number of species from both the Old and New World tropics and subtropics and Australasia. It is probably paraphyletic and has general zeuzerine characters of venation (Fig. 5), partially bipectinate male antennae, and male genitalia with a simple valve, broad uncus, and an aedeagus with the apex deeply divided into dorsal and ventral ‘jaws'.

Venation of Xyleutes lutescens

There is great  variety in forewing pattern as can be seen from the Bornean species illustrated here. No doubt a modern revision of the world fauna will establish subdivisions of the current genus, some of which will merit full generic status; many genus-group names are available, such as those of Houlbert listed above.

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